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What makes western guys so interesting for chinese girls?

Maybe i am wrong but it seems that many Chinese girls are looking for western guys.

What is the motivation behind? Do western guys have something special?



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Mainly because we are more polite.But wait a sec,i'm not to want to be mean.

I got many women's compliments because i'm a soft-speaker.

You will know what i mean if you had the experience to eat surrounded by many Chinese.

I can't barely hear what my friends' talking.

I read this entire post and, what shocks me the most is that no one seems to have answered the question. Isn't it true in every country and culture that an exotic looking man with money and a big shaft is an absolute gem?

And, I've never met a Chinese girl who has any sort of bias against Chinese men, in particular. Women have biases against asshole who cheat, or have no job or who are lazy in the sack, period. Just as men has biases against women who are broke, unmotivated, and bad lays.

Enlighten me, please if there is SOME sort of "deeper, spiritual" connection being made between foreign men and Chinese women that sets this discussion apart from your basic, "Why does any woman like any man?"

废话 :P
i don't know how to say , but i am happy to learn these following words from this discussion :
1. offensive
2. sage
5.bias .


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