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What are the (Best/Worse) most un-intelligent/annoying/hilarious pick up lines used in GZ Stuff private chats?

It would be interesting to see what everyone has come across from freaks lurking around in this site.

I also wonder how the ones doing the harassment feel when they see their own dumb ass lines exposed in public. LOL

Alright! Let it all out!

Feel free to post screen captures if you had them!



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lol, he's popular today

How about the real good and intelligent ones,

I did meet one

Another discussion。。。? lol

why insane ppl remains around? OoO

This discussion made me smile. This song should be put on all profiles to avoid annoying people

Neat :D I miss those brilliant postings here. Keep the pervies coming.

This is the same douchebag who was harassing girls on szstuff a few hours ago... asking the same "do you have condoms in your bag" questions but he was doing it in the public room.. not PM


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