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Star wars die hard fans anyone going to the Force Awakens this christmas?  Watching Star Wars on the big screen with THX was just awesome back in 1977.  So where are the cinemas to watch this?  HKG?

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Not out in China until early 2016 unfortunately so might have to be HK. Any idea of the release date there?

It is going to be out December 18, 2015 in montreal but reading the Globe and Mail the tickets are on sale two months before the release date.  Going to see it will depends how soon I can get my stuff done here.

I am waiting for it to be released for the iPhone so I can watch it while going out with friends.

Or maybe can see it in Apple Watch.

So you can watch it and not share... typical 

Not really, we can always get very close to each other and appreciate it in the smalles possible screen with really lousy sound.

Sounds like fun

Hmm they have a Star Wars marathon for 60 dollars showing all the star wars movies.  I don't think I can sit there all day and watch through all of them.  Reminds me of the video that BS posted up with some guy playing video games for 19 hours.

scored tickets to see the first showing on Dec. 18th

Star wars release in Mainland China January 9 2016! 

Unless "big guys" will postpone the date

was a bit over rated but still liked it.


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