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i really really dont understand why i get bite by mosquitoes everyday!!!and when i hangout with frnds im always the target for mosquitoes!!!

hlep me.....plssssssssss T^T

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Eat garlic/Marmite every day. Said to keep the mozzies off.

sounds serious...i googled it yesterday,it is said that mosquitoes hate the taste of vitamin B1,maybe we should try

just use a mosquito net!

i dont think garlic is a good idea,maybe also keep the people off !!  haha

This post is one way to make a lot of new friends. It's always nice not to be the most desirable to mosquitoes.

i just want to find a best way to make the mosquitoes away keep off me

Try biting back

 nice answer! but i'd rather to kill them

I live on the 15th floor, no garden around, no stagnant water = no mosquitoes. You can also keep the aircon running, they don't like cold, and they slow down, therefore you'll get a fewer amount of bites.

Also can try lavender, or there is a Chinese herb, in hakka it's called "bu geang" if you know some shop which sells herbs from meizhou, they will know it... i don't know the name in mandarin though, and i have no idea how to write it. It smells similar to lavender. You can also buy lavender oil.

But seriously, my place has no mosquitoes... I had one last week, but very stupid and slow, i killed it easily

u remind me there have a small garden around my house.

what is bu geang? i never heard about it.can buy it from drugstore?

"bu geang" is a herb similar to lavender, you could only buy it from hakka (客家)peasants. I don't know the name in Mandarin, cause it's a very local herb in 梅州 Meizhou. So if you know some old hakka people, you can ask them. If you can buy then you can rub your skin with it, and leave some in your apartment. I heard it's very useful.

I you can't find it, just buy dry lavenders, or what my mom used to do is to buy lavender oil, and drop a few drips on her pillow and blanket. And it actually smells good :)

what is the chinese name for the Bu geang? 


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