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Hello stuffers,

Yesterday, my wife was told by some bank clerk bloke that in following with European banks, Chinese banks are going to stop offering interest to account holders and actually start charging a fee for looking after their money for them. Not just some banks and foreigner customers but all banks with all customers.

I am wondering of anyone has heard anything along these lines.

Do European banks charge people to look after money for them? I have been here for 15 years and only hold a simple current account in England but I have never experienced anything like this.

She was only told this yesterday and I have no links or anything to back anything up.

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dude, we see this advertisment in our National new paper very often last 20 year. this is national truth in Bangladesh.

Second, the chart you find out it's Government central Bank chart where you only you get 3 years policy percentage. not till 6 years.

local , (who is from Bangladesh) they know it.

100,000, to 1000,000 people have this policy in Bangladesh.

there is another policy in Bangladesh. which is more interesting .

if you fixed deposit 100 USD for 1 year then you can get 10% every month interest.

which is most famous in Bangladesh. do not find online all the shit , if you interested go visit once.

many my Family Elder have this policy , they some put there all the life income into fixed deposit , just every month go to get interest and living life.

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Mr iWolfgina, hope all is well! Good to see you spreading the love and accepting stupidity wherever it rears its head.

I'll have to have a search to see what Packards gripe is with you. I love his blogs though, cracking stuff. Absolutely scintillating. 

Banks offering you free money are a bad business model.  Of course you will never double your money as the rules and rates (and fees) will compensate the banks.  

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