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Recently I'm dealing with a girl who claims that I have failed her friendship because I asked something back from her that belongs to me. Long story short, she ordered some products from me, I delivered the products according to her requirements but she hadn't paid me for a year, although she promised me she would pay me as soon as she received the payment from her client.

Anyway finally, I have got my money back but she declares that I'm no longer her friend. "From now on, our relationship stays within business."

Thanks God!

I know there are people believe in "friends first, business next." While I'm the "business is business and I'd rather not do business with friends" type of person. I know friendship is sweet but as it comes to splitting the benefit or bearing the loss, it often gets rather awkward.

What's your opinion?

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If they are your friend they will pay you upfront. I used to have a lot of friends who asked me to build them computers. Technical support was 24/ I told them to go to retail store, choose the spec and pay me what the store asks and if they are my friend they will pay me rather than the store.


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