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Hello Guys, 

I'm from germany and will staying for a few months in Guangzhou. So I can speak Cantonese (like Beginner Level :D) and want also to improve my Mandarin. Maybe by hanging out and have some drinks and talk. I think it's the best way to learn :)

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Hello, I am Jun. I want to travel to Germany next year. Can I make friends with you? I can speak Mandarin,Cantonese,Japanese very well.And I am learning guitar,boxing.My wechat ID : qijun_he
Looking forward to you reply!Thank you.(^O^)

Hello Lhani,

Are you still in guanghou?

yes, still here :D

Wie lange bleibst du in Canton? Ich werde erst im Sommer wieder zurück.

Im Deutschen bin ich kein "Beginner", hoffentlich :D.

Die zwei Sprachen, die du erwähnt hast, sind meine Muttersprache.

Nicht mehr so lange, noch bis Ende März. Verpassen uns dann leider.

hello, do you still stay in guangzhou?
hello, do you still stay in guangzhou?
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