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Tiger Battle of the Bands Introduction

Tiger Battle of the Bands has become an iconic yearly event in the Rock scene accumulating rock fans as each competition grows in size and quality. This year“Tiger Battle of the Bands 2014” will be back with More Passion! More Fire! More Rock ‘n Roll!

Total cash prizes for the Tiger Battle of the Bands 2014 have been increased to 460,000 RMB. For the first time in the history of Chinese Rock ‘n’Roll, the best bands will get a chance to compete in the One Stage of Mastercard Center in Beijing.

We have bands from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Kunming, Changsha, Chengdu, Hainan,Xi’an., Quanzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Fuzhou, Tianjin, Ji;nan competing for the National championship.

National Champion prizes: 100,000RMB Cash prize, and exclusive EP.

Registration dates:

Shenzhen- from 5th April to 1st June
Guangzhou-from 5th April to 25th May


Shenzhen – 7th June
Guangzhou – 1st June & 2nd June


Shenzhen – 28th June
Guangzhou – 21st June

City Finals:

Shenzhen – 19th July
Guangzhou – 12th July

3 Semi Finals:

Guangzhou – 2nd Aug
Chengdu – 9th Aug
Quanzhou – 16th Aug

National Finals:

Beijing – 30th Aug

Register at 
wechat official account: mcmartistclub 
wechatID: 1561857328 

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