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Happy Chinese Valentine's Day weekend, GZ. Show your love for great music by attending the events below. But, before you do that, show your love for the best bars and restaurants in Guangzhou by voting in That's PRD's 6th Annual Food & Drink Awards. You could win prizes including 1,500 RMB in cash just for sharing your favorite places in GZ.


City 1. Club Grand Opening
And another club opens to welcome GZ's party people. Entertainment provided by DJ Urban Savant & DJ Jelly JJ...

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Beatstorm Friday @ Luxy
The Italian Stallions Mauro & Marco heat up late night with their sexy, sultry house beats.
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British Creative Animation Showcase
The Brits are comin' and their bringin' some fancy equipment and an "immersive media experience you should not miss" More >>

Chinese Valentine's Day @ Duo

Duo is having a special party for lovers or those on the hunt for one. DJ line-up includes DJs Alex, Ken, Davide Succi and guitarist Theron Welch. More >>


Milky Way Party @ Tekkwun

Celebrate Valentine's with some sexy bass sounds by Doshy (Berlin) - lazerbass/juke/hiphop/dubstep & JCC (ChAos) - dnb/jungle. Visual by vno (ChAos/browNsugaR). More >>


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Around the Interwebs - NSFW edition

Some of the links this week are NSFW (Not safe for work) Therefore, if you're on your office network or easily offended, you should probably skip the rest of the newsletter.

1. Introducing the next level of social networking - ThankYourWank. We'll let them explain how it works: " enables you to vote for people you masturbate to. By doing this you give something to them in exchange for all the wonderful times they've given you, you also get to see how many people do it while thinking about you. It's free, it's anonymous, and it's fucking awesome. What's even better is that you can sign up for mutual wank alerts. This means that if said person ever +1s you, BANG! you get a mutual wank alert."


2. Best rap video ever. Rappers prove their swagga by expressing their complete apathy about a range of things. Therefore, Comedian Jon Lajoie has produced the best rap song ever by not giving a f*ck about anything at all...




3. Every day foods made with disgusting ingredients. Vanilla ice cream is mixed with beaver urine

and other facts you don't want to know.

4. And, who cares what's in it? The Walking Taco is an excellent solution if you're on the go...

5. The Princeton Review has come out with their annual list of the Top 20 Party Schools in the US. Wealthy, Chinese parents, here's where NOT to send your kids for an overseas education...

That's all. And have an awesome weekend, Guangzhou!

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Comment by ELENA V. Z. on August 4, 2011 at 4:13pm
Lol, agreed - the best rap video, expresses my current mood perfectly!!! Just what I need. I DONT GIVE A FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!
Comment by Kris on August 4, 2011 at 11:42am
Thanks David, you've earned that "Like"

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