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My name is Lorena,I have worked for factory and sourcing company for three years.I know the process of import and export business,wholesale markets in Guangzhou and around Guangzhou,inspecting goods for customers,and some forwarders with reasonable price(both in sea and air ),communication with manufacturers.If anyone needs someone who can provide service above,I will be the suitable one.

With three years professional training in the factory and sourcing company, I ensure that you will enjoy the business/factory trip in Guangzhou .If you want to find some products suppliers in China, I will be the suitable one who can do the sourcing for you. Difficult to communicate with suppliers or sales person in the wholesale market and need a business translator to escort you? Here I am! I not only can help you communicate with the suppliers in China after you place the orders, but also can inspect the goods for you after finishing the production and help arrange the shipping .Start today, don’t hesitate!!!
Contact Information:
Phone:0086 13726709212
Whatsapp/Wechat: +8613726709212
Contact Person:Lorena

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