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the one l cant forget

you said

the biggist enemy is yourself baby .break the walls.

I did.

"what if I like you more what if I really fall in love with you ?

you said that would be the most beautiful thing I ever met.

I do.

"I ve already got some ways to face to my difficult…


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Christmas Party Cruises In Sydney: Happening and Merry!

Read on to find the most popular Christmas party cruise venues in Sydney!

With the year-end festive season approaching rapidly, private & corporate Christmas party ideas and venues are highly sought after. Christmas parties are not only a break from the 365 day long working schedules that we rigorously follow, but are also perfect occasions to mingle, bury hatchets and…


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Swedish Furniture&Furnishing Group for Selling

Hello everyone, my Swedish friend's furniture and furnishing Group is for sale right now,they design, make samples for wood Furniture, wood Floor and wood Kitchen Cabinet, and outsourcing to factories for manufacuturing, then they sale it to the customers all over the world. The company HQ is in HK, it got 6 section companies in Zhuhai, Malaysia, Vietnam and HK, then there are 5 distribution companies and warehouse in US,Canada and Sweden and other Eruopean countries.

Anyone who is…


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Do you need an American friend to show you around Dongguan? Our private all-inclusive tours take you to the best locations in Dongguan, like historical sites, museums, places to eat/drink, transport included (200 RMB per hour) You have a friend in China! .... SKYPE: caleblehr; WECHAT: caleblehr; EMAIL:; USA PHONE: +1-812-250-1412; CHINA PHONE: +86 150 0173 1973.

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We are looking for two writers

Reauirements below:

1.German mother tongue.Native English translator or people from counies such as Europe can also be considered (UK,America,Eire,Canada,Netherlands,France0

2.Bachelor degree or above.

3.Writing experience.Writing experience with Electric Appliances or Office Equipment or Offices supplies or Consumer Electrics are prefered.

4.Live in shenzhen.

5.Pass the free test.

If you are interested in it ,please contact…


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New Point System for Work Permit in China

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beware of Yuewenyi Tattoo Studio

Yuewenyi Tattoo Studio


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looking for English teachers

"looking for full time teachers in guangzhou,dongguan,foshan....let me know if u wanna get a job.native teacher and non native caucasian teachers are acceptable. msg me for more details

if u can introduce your friends,u can pm me for more details too


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1. 负责对外汉语教学工作,帮助外籍学员提高汉语水平,了解和熟悉中国文化

2. 中文小班教学,按照课程要求完善教学内容、教学大纲

3. 按教学进度对每位外籍学生的实际学习情况给出评价



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Boxing Club Coach Wanted at Tianhe

We are opening a Boxing Club at Tianhe Vanke Me Cool Compound(天河区华观路万科云城米酷)

Anyone interested in Boxing, especially if you are experienced with muscles.

Please contact me by WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone +134 111 54584

Google Map…


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0q6s8thyeuqm2 Professional Car Service Airport Pick up and Car & Driver Rental in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a major transportation and trading hub on the Pearl River Delta. We provide a professional, reliable car service in Guangzhou that ensures you get to and from your destinations quickly, safely, and comfortably. 


We offer a range of Guangzhou limousine services – Guangzhou Airport Transfer (pick up/ drop-off service), cross-border Guangzhou to Hong Kong Airport Transfer, intercity Guangzhou to Shenzhen transfer, Guangzhou car & driver rental limo service for…


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language exchange

I'm a software engineer from an financial IT company, looking forward to have a partner to practise my oral English. and I can share native Mandarin and Cantonese.

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Looking for tech guy for writing white paper

I am looking for a westerner who can write a white paper in English about…


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Room rental

Sup All, anyone has an extra room available for rent? I will be in China for six months . Most likely I will stay in Canton during this period of time. I am current in San Francisco, but will be in Canton either by the end of this month or early next month. If you know you there are any websites for room rental, please let me know (Classified section of this website has limited rooms for rent). Greatly appreciated and happy Monday.

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Take Time To Enjoy A Laidback Lunch Cruise in Sydney

The world seems to be moving faster! Twenty-four hours in a day simply isn’t enough anymore for a regular person who wants to make time for essential and non-essential activities alike. As a result, some absolutely essential activities get side-lined, to accommodate tempting non-essential activities that might be pleasurable in the short-term. Well, let me get to the point, before I continue to ramble.

As our lives get busier, the two things we tend to cut back on to save time are…


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Popular Light Festivals Around The World

Festivals are a thing of joy, bringing together family, friends and like-minded people from around the world! They tend to shine a ray of hope especially during times of crisis or bleak periods like winter. People generally like to stay indoors in the comfort of their warm homes, rather than be out and about in the cold weather.

There are many festivals which are commonly celebrated during lean months, to keep people’s spirits high, and also help with the economy.…


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The chinese traditional garment, Cheongsam

Chinese lady have a traditional garment in their wardrobe,perhaps they don't wear it usually but it is their lovely and private gift.

It is cheongsam.

There are a long history of the development of cheongsam,it own rich color,the red is favorite specially in festival, for example, the coming spring festival.the design of cheongsam is…


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Reliving Memories and Good Times

Memories are something that can’t be taken away. They are a person’s real assets, the ones of true value. In our youth we don’t really pay much credence to this and channel all our energies chasing frivolous material possessions. But as we grow older and wiser, we embrace the fact that money or our standing in society isn’t everything. Memories, experiences, inter-personal relationships and the lessons learnt through life are our true worldly possessions.

In the twilight years of our…


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A Surprise New Year’s Eve Cruise on Sydney Harbour

Popular New Year’s Eve celebrations are usually cruises or parties or a combination of both in Sydney. Senior citizens that we are, my husband and I haven’t really kept pace with trending party scenes. Loud music and lights may not be our scene right now, but you definitely can’t club us in the same bracket as those who live in assisted care homes. We don’t use walkers to move about precariously nor do we take forever to walk from the living room to the dining room. The athletes that we were…


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