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Sewer explosion in Hunan

Started this discussion. Last reply by Matt Ross Feb 8, 2012. 6 Replies

What did the guy expect, dropping a fire cracker down a manhole... video link here. Methane build up emanating…Continue

Tags: BOOM

Share your Pickpocket Blackspots

Started this discussion. Last reply by nick l Dec 31, 2011. 21 Replies

Simple idea...It's prime pickpocketing/mugging/robbing season so share some places where you've seen it happen, had it happen to you or a friend or stopped it from happening.  Real experiences more…Continue

Tags: mugging, robbing, stealing, pickpocket



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At 4:03pm on November 24, 2014, Roddin EH said…

Good day Joetry

Re clubs....I am very apprehensive to buy clubs here because it is just too hit and miss. The components can be ok sometimes but the set up can be very brutal. The head must be lined up with the spline of the shaft otherwise at impact things can be a little funky. It is difficult enough to whack fuck that lil ball on the intended direction let alone having equipment that is askew...

Taking that into consideration and now you say ur a lefty is a really big Oh MY !! They are not easy to find so now you are even in a tougher battle. If you buy high end you will pay way too much and knock offs are heaven or hell. If you are at all serious I would find out if a buddy is coming over to China or perhaps next time you go back home to pick up a set.

If you are simply in need of a set and don't care then all you can do is try the lil golf shops here and there. A long shot would be to contact the pro shops and see if they have 2nd hand ( trade ins) or perhaps demo/rental clubs may come up for sale at the end of the year.

Good luck and Tks for the China adventure may be coming to an end if things don't pick up next year. I have a small chance to do some related work in Lijiang but golf course construction is really pinned down with the new gov and only time will tell.


At 10:31am on September 28, 2013, Celeste Gaudino said…

I cannot juggle lol, I was looking for a juggler for one event :) 

At 10:50am on September 23, 2013, Celeste Gaudino said…

Hi!! I saw that you are interested in juggling? Are you still in GZ? :)

At 9:50am on August 20, 2013, Laurence said…

I heard a rumour that Cadbury is bringing out an oriental chocolate bar. Could be a Chinese Wispa.

At 10:39pm on May 26, 2013, Chelsea woo said…

hey,joe,do u remember me

At 6:10pm on April 14, 2013, Laurence said…

here's the link to the archive for Javis Cocker's Sunday Service - enjoy ~

At 6:41pm on February 9, 2013, Ivy said…

Hi Joe~Happy New Year! :)

At 10:23am on September 22, 2012, Estelle said…

Hi,nice to meet you!

At 10:43am on August 10, 2012, Ivy said…

Uniqlo's got this T-shirt

At 10:21pm on July 15, 2012, Laurence said…

did u see that?

Evergrande 0 - 1 R&F, courtesy of Maoniu. 

Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥's Photos


Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥's Blog

Enter: The stuff of nightmares

Posted on November 25, 2012 at 12:46pm 4 Comments

Here's some bad taxidermy for you to enjoy.…


BREAKING NEWS: Shaanxi Province rare mushroom discovered to be an artificial vagina instead

Posted on June 19, 2012 at 12:30pm 6 Comments

Yes it's true.

A subterranean mushroom dug up in a village in Shaanxi befuddled local villagers and a young and overly enthusiastic news reporter before the good netizens of China corrected their views by pointing out that it looked remarkably like a masturbatory aid.

Thanks for the entertainment, Xi'an Up Close!

I expect this rare…


A simple understanding of a complex phenomenon

Posted on February 25, 2012 at 2:12pm 2 Comments

I'm sure you internet hawks have already seen it but I thought I'd put it here; A crafty laowai's Chinese composition!

Made me laugh anyway, spare…


Zoom Out - The Internakt's Artistry

Posted on December 23, 2011 at 12:00am 0 Comments

Sometimes teh interent throws together something so meaningless it's beautiful.


Online forums are generally a shitfest of xenophobic/homophobic/phallic/phylogenetic/utterly pathetic bickering but sometimes, using collective output, they give birth to a pixelated monster of creativity.


There is no real point to it, it's not really art but if you are so inclined, VPNify the arse off of these videos and read the full article …


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Lovely Disgusting Film Nights

Lets watch some films that should, according to common morals, make us feel sick but in actual fact we really enjoy.
Dec 1
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to AiRui's discussion 'landlordish Lady is trying to screw me. Not in good way. advice wanted'
"You entered into it knowing that she was sub-letting, police won't help in this situation because you were both doing something illegal (I think, as foreigners have to register at police station with the landlord's ID and title deeds and…"
Nov 23
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 commented on Roddin EH's blog post 'WHY ??'
"Haha yeah it has it's benefits. One of the first things I would do to practice is just walking down the street thinking any thought and trying to translate it into Chinese in my head. Another would be carry a pen around, and whenever I was sat…"
Nov 23
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 commented on Roddin EH's blog post 'WHY ??'
"Characters really help with speech. A colleague asked me what 流行 (fashionable) meant hoping I could translate to someone else and even though I had probably learnt it previously I couldn't recall it. However, I have been learning how to read…"
Nov 20
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 commented on Roddin EH's blog post 'WHY ??'
"Adding to the Pleco suggestion, it also allows you to break each word down and see the meaning of the characters individually. Great for learning vocab and also the context behind the vocab."
Nov 15
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to Jim's discussion 'seems god doesnt like yunnan'
"I found Yunnan food bland and poorly cooked, but perhaps I didn't find the right places to eat. Granted the vegetarian noodles in master stock that I had were nice but that was about it."
Oct 8
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to iWolf's discussion 'Alternative reality books'
"The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick, alternative history of if the Nazis and Imperial Japanese had have won WWII."
Oct 2
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to Slava's discussion 'gz beard cut master'
"I'd love"
Sep 15
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to Jim's discussion 'One giant leap for reality tv'
"I would say Steptoe and Son was the format for Sanford and Son (Really like for like except for the race of the cast) and All in the Family came from Till Death do us Part although that was more of an inspiration from than a direct port of it. Funny…"
Aug 31
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to NAKAMA's discussion 'What is your favorite cantonese food?'
"I guess that would be a stock unless you drink it straight away then it should be a broth. That's another difference too, in English you 'eat' soup and 'drink' broth!"
Aug 21
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to NAKAMA's discussion 'What is your favorite cantonese food?'
"I also add some 'wine' here and there :). Vermouth actually, but can be used just like 黄酒"
Aug 21
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to NAKAMA's discussion 'What is your favorite cantonese food?'
"Is 高汤 made in the same way as Cantonese soup? Broth tends to be a thin soup with solid food in (meat, fish, veg) and usually made with a base of stock. Stock is the preparation of bone, cartilage, marrow and sometimes meat with aromatic vegetables…"
Aug 20
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to NAKAMA's discussion 'What is your favorite cantonese food?'
"Cantonese soup, in Britain, would be more a broth or maybe even a stock, it's more than just plain boiled stuff left in the pot but thinner than a stew which often has potatoes or dumplings (also not Chinese style) in it to thicken it up a…"
Aug 20
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 commented on Emily's blog post '8 things that foreigners cannot understand in China.'
"You're right, I cannot get my noggin round these concepts. I'm just not up to the task. I feel faint! This reminds me of going onto the Chimelong Croc Park website along time ago and the first thing it said (in Chinese, no English version…"
Aug 19
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to Smee 瑞纳多's discussion 'OOOOH NOOO! It is moon cakes season AGAIN'
"Don't worry, some people have been on here trolling for years."
Aug 16
Joetry in Motion ~~ 粥粥 replied to Kent Kun Chen's discussion 'Teaching English in China While Black'
"Basically she went on to say that positively discriminating against whites and males would be a great way to remedy the imbalance however it would not necessarily raise up standards of teaching which is what I think takes precedence over race. Some…"
Jul 27

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