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  • Travel in Beijing--Save your money and have a good trip.

    26 members Latest Activity: Apr 12, 2014 My sister live in Beijing for more then 7 years and she work in a travel agencies in Beijing for more than 2 years,so, if you want to have a travel…

  • Yoga Baby

    193 members Latest Activity: Jan 7 Lets celebrate Peace through Yoga

    Let everyone experience the ultimate Bliss.

    Ask , Share, Cultivate the Knowledge and…

  • Pool Players Corner

    271 members Latest Activity: Jun 26, 2016 Hi everyone, this corner created to have good time with each other and enjoy, there is very professional and so nice Pool hall beside the garden…

  • DeSiGneRs in GZsTuFF

    165 members Latest Activity: Aug 19, 2018 FaSHiOn CoRNeR

  • Chinese Kongfu Club

    152 members Latest Activity: Apr 13, 2016 Learn it all, then forget it all. Learn The Way, then find your own way. But do not name it, my friend, for it is like water. Nothing is softer than…

  • Hiking in GZ

    974 members Latest Activity: Dec 19, 2018 i believe some people here just like me, don't like to drink, don't like to smoke, don't like clubbing.... i tend to live a healthy life, make some…


    92 members Latest Activity: Jul 29, 2015 we don't have the voice but we have the poise so get the KTV machine and bring some noise! welcome wannabeee singers and stars!

  • FOOTBALL fan club

    69 members Latest Activity: Jun 10, 2016 WHERE we can talk,discuss abt any league in the world,euro 2008 ,prediction of match and judgement and analysis of teams.

  • GZStuff Photography Club

    725 members Latest Activity: Dec 19, 2018 A place for photographers and graphic artist who use cameras as artistic expression.

  • gzStuff Art & Design

    790 members Latest Activity: Mar 3, 2018 From art lovers to designer wanna-bes, everyone's welcome! Share ideas, experience, skills and methods. Discuss potential projects. Lets make…

  • Gourmet Club

    359 members Latest Activity: Mar 21, 2017 Any good chief´s here ? Any1 enjoy delicious food, and as well enjoy to cook it ?

  • i live in tianhe

    830 members Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2018

  • Romantic Group

    245 members Latest Activity: Aug 3, 2018 Many friends say they are lonely without a honey. So I I may try to organize some activities regularly for men and ladies meet together for…

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