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Hi there! I am new in Guangzhou (I live in Zhuijang New Town) and I'm looking for a yoga studio where I can take classes in English. I mostly do Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin. Any tips? 

It would be also cool to meet up with you guys and maybe have a class together :)

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Hi Samuele !

I know 2 yoga studio that do classes in english - one, for sure - the teachers are foreigners, majority indians. I go there from time to time. Phone number : 38762291 ; they are located in the TiyuZhongxin (Sport center), near the subway exit (line 1 I think, Tiyuzhongxin), "south east" corner entrance of the Sport Center, in the same building of the swimming pool. I don't have their other details, lost the business card a while ago, and I'm not sure what could be their website (or even name '-_-), but you can just call and they should be able to find someone that speaks enough english to give you all details.

Second one, Yogi Yoga, I have never been - they also have foreigner teachers so I suppose that some of the classes are in english. They are probably more expensive than the previous one, though I haven't checked that. 

Below the address, easy to find some information on the internet about that one. They are in fact also in the Sport Center, at the other side (North entrance), exit "linhe" of line ... probably line 3. 


3rd floor, Wo kai Street, No.460 Tianhe bei Road, Guangzhou China



020-8756-7370/ 020-756-7876



Hi Patricia! This is very useful, thank you very much!

My pleasure - By the way I'm curious to try Yogi Yoga, if you go there let me know :-)

I def will! 

Hi Patricia! 

I went to Yogi Yoga today for the first time. Tried an ashtanga class and it was pretty good! The teacher is Indian so he spoke both English and Chinese during the class. I went to the studio in Tian he bei lu, the studio is old but it is pretty clean. Oh and I didn't even have to pay for the class :) Classes are 100 kuai each , but for 1000 kuai per month you can go anytime you want or buy a 50-classes card for 3500.

Hi Samuele ! I finally also tried Yogi Yoga - ashtanga level 1... their level is altogether different from the classes I'm used to. Couldn't move for the following 4 days '-_-. Anyways they re good - I did get a card, but I'll go to the one in the sport center, more convenient for me. 

Good practice/ good luck! ^^ 

Haha I know what you mean, the pace is super fast also :)

Good practice to you too!

Hello! does anybody know if this yoga studio still exists and if ashtanga is taught there? or any other yoga studio that has ashtanga yoga classes?

thanks in advance


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