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I am looking for a private yoga lesson teacher who is willing to come to our home on the weekend, any suggestion?

Dear Yoga lovers,

I am a newcomer and am looking for a yoga teacher who is willing to come to our home on the weekend to give yoga lesson to me and my husband, who is rather new to yoga so cannot really join the group classes!  

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hey Juliana -- I take yoga classes at The Art of Yoga in Tianhe. There are a few great teachers over there... I'm happy to ask if any of them do private lessons at home. Where do you live?

Thanks Charlotte:)  Can you please tell me where is The Art of Yoga?  Maybe I go check out the place first or try a class or 2 to see before I ask their teachers for private lesson;) 

Juliana, I go regularly to a place called brahma yoga, they have about 5 centres, the one I go to is just off Tianhe Beilu near Longkou Xilu.  Their website is and they are pretty good, you might like to try them.  Paul

Thanks Paul, I will check it out when I am feeling better!  

Hello Juliana, My name is Zour, I am a certified yoga instructor. (I am also a belly dance performer and teacher.) Please let me know if you are still looking for a private yoga teacher. 15202072105.


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