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A new bar lounge in Guangzhou. Come for a drink or few and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere by the Zhu Jiang river. Friday and Saturday nights the parties get wild with international guest DJs spinning some of the best dance music in town.

Location: A25-26 Zhu Jiang Pa Ti Guan, Yue Jiang Xi Lu, Guangzhou 海珠区,阅江西路,磨碟沙隧道口,珠江啤酒厂琶醍艺术创意区 B区25,26 订座电话 18928922192
Members: 314
Latest Activity: Apr 27, 2017

SUNS bar lounge, breathes a breath if fresh air into the Guang Zhou entertainment scene. Offering the best in design, music and atmosphere, SUNS is the first of its kind in Guang Zhou. With a full outdoor terrace and covered seating right beside the Pearl river, you can relax while enjoying the view and selecting from the finest  Champagnes, wines beers and other beverages.
SUNS is the perfect location for your corporate functions and events. We provide a full function service with great selections in food beverages. Private parties can also be catered for. Open till late everyday, SUNS is the new choice in venue for the discerning in taste. we can hold a party with 200 people around.


SUNS BAR 地址: 海珠区,阅江西路,磨碟沙隧道口,珠江啤酒厂琶醍艺术创意B区 25,26

Address:B25 26 Party Pier Zhu Jiang Pi Jiu Chang Yue Jiang Xi Lu,Hai Zhu,Guangzhou

订座电话Booking number:18928922192/89779056


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Comment by GZ_expat on April 8, 2012 at 11:03pm
Comment by Seven Records Management on March 29, 2012 at 12:04pm
FOOTPRINT足迹 Presents Deetron Balance 20 Tour

Date: Sun, 29.04.2012
Venue Name: SUNS Bar Lounge
Venue Address: B25-26 Zhu Jiang Pa Ti Guan, Yue Jiang Xi Lu, Guangzhou
Ticket: RMB 100

Supporting DJs: J.Swarz + Mat3hew

Electronic music and DJ culture lie at a crossroads at this moment in time. In one direction, the vinyl purists and fetishists, clinging onto the black gold that begat the entire art and culture of mixing. In the other, the technophiles who value convenience speed and the infinite possibilities that digital mixing offers. But who said you had to pick a side?

Ever innovative and creative, Swiss melodic techno bastion Deetron has chosen to embrace both the past and present of mixing disciplines on Balance 20, showing that the two can indeed live together in harmony – or even synergy – and underlining the qualities and nuances of each school of thought. Bringing his wealth of experience that has seen him release on labels like Music Man, Green, Intec, Cocoon, Rejected and Circus Company, he has created something truly inspirational.

Deetron is known as one of the best three-deck DJs in the world and he will bring his three-deck wizardry to Beijing on Saturday, 28th April and Guangzhou on Sun, 29thApril. Be ready and be inspired with both the past and present mixing disciplines from Deetron!

这時代的电子音乐正准备航往未知的领域,因为我们对现在的不确定与不安定感驱使我们前往开发这个电子世界的边缘和极限。 当过去传统电子大国的音乐能量亦显疲弱不振的時候,就连过去几年被视为电子音乐主流的Trance音乐都有了被边缘化的危机感。过去被称为臥房创作者的小 毛头们渐渐撑起了一片天,电子音乐也从过去纵欲狂欢的形象被认同为一种艺术形态的表現方式。

而这探索各种各样可能性的风潮正在世界各地暗潮汹涌的进行着。Deetron這位來自瑞士国度的制作人与DJ,正是这波探索电音新世界的领导人物之一,他 待续透过产出一种帶有90年代底特律灵魂的温暖Techno向这个世界发声。我们可以从他的身上发现如法国电音教父 Laurent Garnier式的内敛和品味,也有如Techno鬼才Agoria般大胆实验的精神。而与多年來坚持前卫精神,不向主流靠拢的系列合辑Balance Record所推出的最新Balance 20专辑更是验证了Deetron那将电子音乐视为一们艺术创作的概念。融合了Dub Techno/Melodic Techno和Indie/Tech-House/Ambient等元素的作品明显不与舞池走向的主流作品看齐。透过数位设备和类比唱盘的交相混用,大胆 拼贴遨游在各种风格的数列组合间。Deetron挑战的不只是在音乐上的可能性,更挑战了身为一个听众的我们对於传统好音乐的认知。他的深沈中极富优雅旋 律,他的内敛里还有疯狂的科学精神。这些我们从他一路在各个前卫的厂牌中如 Music Man to Green to Rejected to Circus Company 的发行也早就获得了认同。

Deetron幫我们开了一扇门,示范了以Techno为基调的音乐风格可以探索出许多种可能的风貌和组合。而你是否已经准备好?你可以把他的演出视为一 场传统的派对,你也可以安静地把它当成一场声音艺术的展示。因为这给時代派对的定义已經改变,透过大胆地接触各种音乐风格,我们正前往一片无限可能未來的 冒险旅途。

Comment by mehdi mohamadi on March 26, 2012 at 4:46am

it was such a nice fight when for the first time i went there1i wish next time i ll drink and dance without being afraid by a angry black guy!

Comment by SUNS bar lounge on March 23, 2012 at 1:22pm

Here are the Spring hippie party photos.more photo please check  :

Comment by SUNS bar lounge on March 23, 2012 at 1:21pm

Comment by SUNS bar lounge on March 16, 2012 at 3:06pm

Welcome to Spring Party ,tonight Friday buy 1 get 1 free cocktail and beers from 10-12.  dress code:  hippie style,70's style

Comment by SUNS bar lounge on March 16, 2012 at 3:01pm

Comment by SUNS bar lounge on March 13, 2012 at 10:53pm

Comment by SUNS bar lounge on March 13, 2012 at 10:52pm

Comment by Jaume on March 8, 2012 at 7:09pm



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