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Hello! I'm Miu from Peru. I am living in GZ and I would like to find running partners!

I want to prepare myself for THE GREAT WALL half marathon on May 17th . I have never run a marathon, 5k or 10k, so it's a big challenge for me to participate in this event. I anyone want to join too will be great to train together!

Have a great day!


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Which days do you want to run and what distance? I have done a couple of full ones in the past years, though the wall I am leaving for next year. Still we can try to train together.
I do 8-10 k 2 times a week and 15-17 on the weekend

Hello Carolina!

I can run any day. What days do you run and near where?

I just started running two weeks ago, distances of 2k, 4k, and 6k but I am planning to increse gradually.

Hi Miu, which area of GZ r u in? I've done a few times of half Marathon.

This will be my first half marathon! :) I live in Fangcun district. What days, time and near where do you run?

Hi, I run 3-4 times a week, about 10k each time. I have also done a couple of marathons in the past and some triathlons. I usually run on the SCUT and agricultural university campus near Wushan metro station. The area is less crowded and suitable for running. Also, there are a few sports fields around where you can run intervals. I run in the morning around 7 or 7:15 AM. Hope we can meet up sometime. Let's run together :)

Hello Thanh!

Thanks for the offer but I think will be difficult to run together I live exactly the opposite of your place in Fangcun district and would take me 1 hour to get to Wushan metro station :(

But what time do you run on weekends?

Too bad....But we could try to run on the the weekends together. Maybe along the pearl river with Ying and some other gz runners I know. I only run in the morning time though. Let me know if want to run tomorrow or Sunday. Cya!


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