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Hello everyone.  I am looking to meet up with people for language exchange.  I am interested in taking my language education a little more seriously now that I have been settled in for a while.  I would love to improve my Mandarin skills.  I can help for free with English, the TOEFL/SAT/AP tests, and Western/American History in exchange.  I am also interested in making new relationships with people.  I am an adventurous guy who loves everything from exploring the city, dancing, games of all kinds, to traveling anywhere and everywhere.  Let me know if you are interested and we can meet up!

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Hi Shane,I am angelina also from tianhe direct.I saw your post which is about language exchange,So I decide to contact you.

I can help you for free with mandarin ,Cantonese and Chinese History in exchange. and then,I want to improve my oral

english.Add my wechat by shiyi158280484 if you are interested.

i'm a college student, want to improve my English,i can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese.I want to study aboard after my graduation.So i have to pass the TOFEL test.I'm so glad if you can help me in this.I like traveling,too.I have been to Yunnan,Sichuan,Qinghai province and Tibet.It might be interesting to exchange our travel story,as well.Add my wechat by 422898632,if you want to.

Hi. I am a newcomer in gz. Probably you know more about this city than I do. :) which is good. My English is ok but not used much. I need to maintain some language skills. Majored in telecom in college. Interested in western history. As for mandarin not Cantonese, I believe I am capable to help. :)


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