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is there any language exchange event in zhujiang new town?

i would like to drop to a close place to find language exchangers for practise foreign languages we have learnt around zhujiang park and the new library, opera, hua cheng hui area seem nice. 1-2hrs once a week on sat. or sun. noon 16:00-18:00pm or other time? would like to see anybody join first, then we decide a place.

languages from english, mandarin, cantonese, german, spanish, french and others.

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Hola,soy Gracia.   i am a native here and i live in tianhe district and baiyun district.  i can speak in catonese,madrine,english, spanish and next semester in our school i must learn japanese.   I am learning spainsh in zhuJiang newtown and I major in English.  i hope to improve my spanish level. by the way, my spanish is good enough to communicate in dailt life.


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