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Hey guys,

I’m a big hiking lover but every time when I go hiking I feel so sad to see soooooo much garbage scattering all over the mountain roads… LLL

So I wanna organize an event “Pliking (plocka+hiking)” during the upcoming Chinese National Day holidays and also I’d like to keep it running regularly on weekends afterwards. For this time, I’m planning to start off from Mount Hulu as the meet-up point at 8:30am and keep marching across Mount Fenghuang and eventually get down to a village near Mount Zhuzai where you can take the metro.

So it’s going to be a 3-mountain pliking: 火炉山-凤凰山-猪仔山. 15.4km in total.

We’re expecting a mixed group of local Chinese and expats, so it’ll be a great chance to practice languages as well. The equipment should be pretty simple, just bring your gloves and some big garbage bags for plucking and some water & food for a one-day hike…

For those interested please kindly add me on wechat (ID: olanac) for more details. Thanks and hope to see you soon!!JJ

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