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Baiyun Mountain as most of you presumably know is not a single hill but a series of peaks covering a very large area and full of cold springs, lakes, numerous songbirds, rare vegetation and other delights.

I've been exploring many trails (you know, off the concrete onto the dirt) and feel like I haven't even begun to know which switchbacks lead to wear, or what I'm missing. If somebody knows where I could get my hand on a map I'd be really grateful. It can be in Chinese. 

I love Baiyun Mt. because it's so accessible and expansive. It may not be pure nature, but it's quite nice as a getaway that's actually in the city borders. Anybody organizing a hike let me know!

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Thank you!I don't know if Philip needs this information but I know that's exactly what I need:)

My daughter found a trail that leads to the pagoda at 300 meters. Great climb! The trails start just before the reservoir inside the West Gate (next to G. U. of Foreign Studies), and pretty much all lead to the single trail up (very steep). We even got stuck in a thunderstorm on the ridge before the pagoda. Pretty scary lol. 

View from the north ridge.

It looks like I've been there:)
It looks like I've been there:)


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