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Most people are afraid to ask questions in case they might sound like dumb questions, which makes the asker in turn sound like a dumb person. This fear should be on everyone’s “Most Wanted” list, like the list of criminals “most wanted” by the police. This fear of asking questions is a major enemy of learning. It deserves to be identified, captured, and executed. Unless you prefer to stay dumb, which is how we all start out and how you will remain if you’re afraid to ask questions.

Do you often ask others question when you are in confuse? Actually  I don't.So today let's talk about the "asking question".

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I remember when I was in high school ,I was so introverted and so afrand of asking teachers and classmates questions.The more questions left,the more down I fell. And this led to the terrible result of my college entrance examination~ Now several years passed,I am much extroverted then be...



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