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Hi there!

As a teacher of Mandarin Chinese, I have been thinking about how to help the study by using time confetti.

Recently I set up a FREE Accounts in WeChat. You may practice writing, reading as well as listening on different topics from time to time, and also get to know Chinese culture related with the topic.
Most important, it's convenient, just like your mobile Chinese friend :-)

Try it in WeChat by scaning the QR Code of WowChinese on this page
Or you can
Add Contacts --> click OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS --> input WowChinese123 --> search and follow

Looking forward to meeting you there in WowChinese!

By the way, it's all by my personal interest and nothing to do with any commercial intention. I just hope I can do something helpful. Any valuable suggestion or feed back will be a great support to me and will be very very appreciated.


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