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Why there are so many lonely people, while there are so many lonely people?

Why there are so many lonely people, while there are so many lonely people?

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because people are fear to take risk

or fear to take trouble.

and loneliness is not always bad

how can i write english as good as you ^^

just hang out often on the forum and participate as much as you can.;) your english is very good too!

but with gzstuff getting much less active, i'm now switching to shenzhenstuff!

aiya~~ok, i will launch shenzhenstuff if i am free too. see you there lol

and michael is available...
There are 7 billion of us on this planet. I find it hard accept that anyone is truly lonely.

Let's test that shall we. And we don't really need 7 billion people to do this test.

Just get i dunno .. 100 small village Chinese - who have never met a foreigner - in a big hall together with just 1 white foreigner.
Despite all the questions if the foreigner eats hamburgers every day, said foreigner will start to feel lonely pretty damn quick!

Gotta agree with you, it can be very lonely being the sole expat in a room full of locals.  

Stinker, pay close attention. If you're in a room with 100 other people, then not only aren't alone (physically) but you're not lonely (psychically) either. Your inability to connect to the people asking about your dietary habits has more to do with your desire (perhaps ability) to engage with the said villagers than it has with solitude.

aaa semantics, schmantics.

When talking about being lonely we talk about the perceived feeling of being lonely.

Indeed Stinker, and we know perception is reality, no?

I was having fun with your flawed methodology, because we all know that a random sample of 100 villagers is too small for any robust data analysis. Thus, your conclusion of semantics made me giggle.

Now, back to my Heineken.


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