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Why Guangzhou is not that famous as Shanghai and Beijing in the foreign countries?

Guangzhou is not that famous as Shanghai and Beijing in the whole world!

What is your idea about this? I mean not only in Germany but also in other countries. Why is Guangzhou not that famous?

Looking forward to your comment.

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Try to live in Beijing for few years,then you will know why Guangzhou is a shit city.
It is a great honor to hear about that GZ is a shit city! What a pretty word!!!
on the other side I totally hated the weather and the people's manners in Beijing....
@ M., do you mean that manner which is called Hegemonistic?
not only.
I miss the live music bars in Beijing. Guangzhou's Irish pubs are not a substitute to Mao Club or some of the better smaller joints in Beijing (I forgot their names, but they are awesome, especially the one next to a drive in theater and the small club near the forbidden city, although that one moved i think).

If anyone knows a good place for live music (and I don't mean some half drunken bargirl singing in the o so many clubs). Please give me a heads up and I will gladly buy you a round there :-)
1st China is very famous in the world,so it wouldnt be normal that if people dont know its capital BEIJING but some other cities?
2nd Im wondering if ShangHai has longer colonial period then GZ? However the economy in Shanghai is definitely much better then GZ,which brings more foreigner bussinessmen to shanghai to make this city being spread.
3rd I agree that if you mention foreigner Canton,then they will know which city you are talking about.
beijing is the capital of a country,of course it will be famous~~
its about a history problem of HongKong becoming famous
i think gz become more and more famous in the world now,but still need some time to catch up with beijing and shanghai and HK!
because Guangzhou SUCKS that's why!
But GZ has a distinct advantage over BJ or SH - it's you baby, it's you.
another Platinum one lolz..............
The leadership sucked at that time. i also don't like taking reference from wiki.


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