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I am sorry if this subject offending anyone. However, we are preparing for a Christmas dinner and I want to surprise my Dutch friend and bake a rabbit for the Christmas dinner (that's their tradition). I am myself vegetarian and not feeling completely comfortable by asking this, but if anyone has any idea where to get it, please let me know. Thanks!

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Try Chinese wet markets. Not sure each of them has it but rabbit meat is commonly seen in wet markets. Some will kill it for you on the spot, skin it and cut it the way you require, so you can take it home warm!

(Cruel? You buy one already killed and skinned in advance... Although I heard some use cats to fake rabbits, you won't see the difference after heads and skin removed!)

Enjoy you bake! ;)

Rabbit, cat,

guinea pig or rat

It really doesn't matter....

Once it's on the platter !!!


From Taobao

goto a petstore, rabbits are for sall from 30rmb onwards haha

I know the wet market have the rabbbit sold and killed after someone bought it at sight. It is very appalling in my eyes. So I am very sorry to see this topic. 

Im sorry to say, i am Dutch and this is not a Dutch tradition, maybe his or her family tradition

It is good to hear that.  I am not going to judge other people's traditions, but in China, even in Guangzhou, some people eat various kinds of animals, they called it traditions but I  think it is nothing more than the indulging for personal appetite. As a native Cantonese, I never hear about that so call traditions in most cases. 


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