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hi,guys! long time no see here!:P

A gemstone fan as me, can't wait any longer to express my crazy love for such lovely stunning little things. and intend to have some jewellery business if possible.

Do you have any contact about good quality gem jewellery suppliers/ shopowner/ personal OEM producer, please let me know.

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I might have..

what are you looking for ?
hi, it's you! Paul, hehe. well, i am looking for some jewelry company with good design and want to be an online agent or sell products for them in other different way.
I once worked as an online jewelry agent for almost a year. but stopped due to supplier's poor design and quality, and even aftersales service.
and i am looking for a good supplier or shops with good designs and sell for them, in any possible and flexible way.
btw, how is your business?
ah ok, i just had someone in mind who can provide the materials such as stones etc. but not the finished product.

Sorry bout that.

Al is going well ;)
it's good too. is your friend in China? what kind of stones? am interested too. I have friend can make finished products with materials offered.

good to know ur biz is going well, u know, the economy is really down.
hihi Dor-dor-golfer,
Nice to meet you~~~~~
I have factorys and shops can make the jewellery, but the materials is silver with cz and crystal, it isn't you say good quality gem jewellery, so if you have interesting you can contact to me.

Check out and then get in touch with me
have finished products and a great OEM Deal
hihi Hippy Jedi Master (TM),

Are you a factory or buyer?
I am an OEM supplier , wholesaler and retailer

Oh, i see~~~~~if you have interested in the silver items, you can contact me.
hey,i am poohkim,i don't know you still need jewelry or not,but i wanna tell you that i have all kinds of style jewely made by silver and porcelain.
if you are interested pls contact me
thank you and have a nice day

Hi We are manufacturer of jewelry, semi-precious stones,ornaments and creative designs.Our company directly had the kinds of raw material. Any design,material can be customized. Our customers spread over in China, Japan What we pursuit is the  long-term cooperation and pay attention to good quality& competitive price& good service. skype:emmawen13



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