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where has the best pizza in gz? what do u think? oggi? tomatoes? papajohn?dont tell me it is pizza hut.

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OGGI pizzeria amazing pizzas other tomatoes pizzeria are also good

Oggi indeed. Neat pizza's at a reasonable price. Tomatoes.. soso.

Rebel Rebel -excellent pizza

An-Tico in Taikoo Hui has great pizza.

No it doesn't. Period. Walk at the top floor of TKH and you notice every restaurant is busy except for... dadadum An-Ticrap. I was tempted once myself since I had to wait at other places got served a watery fruit punch with bugs, then a pizza al-fungi with local black mushrooms instead of the regular white mushrooms which weren't washed, free sand yay! And a mediocre pasta. No.. Antico is a dump and surprisingly still open.

I have been to An-Tico several times and have nothing but good experiences there.  I find that sometimes at Oggis the pizza is undercooked. Never had that problem at An-Tico, it is always delightful.

You work for an-ticrap? On the other hand for Oggi, I live basically on top of it so I have more then regular a pizza there. I can't say I ever had a fluked pizza there.

Like I said, just look at all the restaurants. Around dinnertime every place you need to wait for a seat except there, there is a good reason for that. Take a look at tripadvisor/dianpin, for a foreign restaurant they got a very poor rating.

I ate there when the restaurant was fairly new, and it was great.  I haven't been back, but I'm a bit nervous with the mixed reviews.


Cave Bar HAD the best pizza in town.


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