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I like the collectibles markets on Haizhu Bei and the one just off Xiaobei, but I also found some good ones in the warrens of Shipai.

I must go check see if they still have that one on the second floor on the corner of Dongchuan and Zhongshan 3/4.

How about you, any faves?  And what do you like to buy?

I am big on old Socialist Realism books and posters but also Auction Catalogs too.

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Lots of stuff.  Treasure hunting like this is the best part.

Socialist Realism. My new favorite oxymoron.

Try to check Inside Jinan University, there is a big supermarket, the second floor, right abovethe supermarket! They have a good one! :) happy hunting

There's a book store very close to the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies that has lots of used foreign books upstairs. Mostly English, but also German and some Russian and French. Don't know the name, but it's the only book store of any size along the row of shops and restaurants on Cong Yun Lu 丛云路, maybe 300 meters north of the university's main gate.

Their inventory of used stuff does vary quite a bit. Last year they had tons, but right now it's sparse. I'm sure it will change again within a few months and this is the first time in 7 years I've seen them with so few second hand foreign books.

I visited again recently and for some reason they have gotten rid of almost all their foreign books. Right now is the smallest amount in the last 7 years. Don't bother here until further notice.

raul i don't think it's weird at all i also like to keep all my book

Can someone provide more precise locations/directions to second-hand English bookshops? Thanks very much. 

Yeah well there aren't many people who can be bothered to do that. You're just supposed to know obscure acronyms for every neighborhood in GZ and be hooked up full time to voice to text and GPS. The other reason is they don't know what they're talking about, so being more precise would show they're just faking.

there was a 山宝书房 near by my home ,it was managed by a disabled older,although the bookstore just distance my home 200M,i never enter.    文昌北路 WenChangBei road .




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