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What makes western guys so interesting for chinese girls?

Maybe i am wrong but it seems that many Chinese girls are looking for western guys.

What is the motivation behind? Do western guys have something special?



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Intermarrying is not exactly the same thing, otherwise the entire world would be like the European royalty. Family genes are different from your same race's genes.

We are just so f....g awsome with our common sense, party instinct, virillity, beauty, big "noses", manners, politenes, our ability to flatter and bring them to the sevent heaven 5 times a day.

Thats it, more or lesser.....


Ohh what I really like, here I'm "strong" at home I'm just fat.....

Axel, I guess it's just in thier dream that western guys are better in general. Perhaps, but most of the western guys living here will quickly adapt the Chinese style/culture.

Wow, what a flood of answers.

Seems this topic is not only a golden oldie...

I like the serious answers as well as the funny bunny answers about size.

We all know that size matters, but i think that sex should not be the one and only reason for relationships.

Does anybody have an idea about the divorce rate of asian + western marriages?

It seems that Chinese women tend to stand by a guy even when he treats them bad.

Maybe of financial reasons?

But what about the intelligent ladies with good education, good job, good life.

Do the look for Mr. Right? And how must he be?

Come on ladies this is your turn.

Tell us more.


Thank you for the many replies,



some girls prefer foreign men ,but most not . That can explain why we are still a race of yellow skin and flat face. So dont just say Chinese girls, better say some chinese girls

Very intersting answer. The flat faces want to keep their race.

Does this mean that chinese men are prefered?

Only some few want a western guy?

Do you agree?

i am with a  western guy , that doesnt mean that every girl in China wants to be with a western guy. I dont understand why there must be something like which kind of race is prefered? just dont feel too good about yourself .
What you only date cowards?
Someone should delete this comment. Completely inappropriate for a light-hearted discussion
Someone needs to grow up, or better yet just leave

No dude its a pun. In America yellow is the color of cowardice. Just like in China white is the color of death.

The guy is not saying Chinese guys are cowards. Relax.

u should delete it.


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