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What makes western guys so interesting for chinese girls?

Maybe i am wrong but it seems that many Chinese girls are looking for western guys.

What is the motivation behind? Do western guys have something special?



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not me, extra medium.

you forgot your favourite pic


Wow, who knew Condi had such a small one
wow u seem to have checked out many i guess
Iv heard they're bang into their cartoons too. You might be in there Axel mate!

Interesting to note that 70% of divorces in China are initiated by women on grounds of incompatibility, extra marital affairs and domestic violence. Furthermore, in a recent poll , only 6% of Chinese consider themselves happy with their lives (placed around 150th in the world).


So the chances of a chinese girl  getting married and living happily ever after is so low you'd might as well go to Macau. 

because western guys are good at parties and havin fun at night while those Chinese girls enjoy being hot baby of those who need them most.

But trust me, Chinese party girls good at dumpin the whites cakes as well as the black ones. And do you still think they needed whites cakes more than black cakes? I doubt it.

Axel, so you having a problem that too many hot Chinese babies chasing after you or you feel you become the panda of China because you are one of those Mr.Happy of western?


Here comes the Racist
Looks like racist Julie is back.

Come on Guys, we cann't pretend that Racist doesn't exist!

I am sorry that if I offensive any of you here.

Here is the simple truth.

I am not a sage but I willin to talk frankly.



Genocide exists. Poverty exists. Many things exist. That doesn't mean they are good nor that we should support and promote them.

When I was young and back in Brazil, long time ago, we used to wonder why the girls from our town preferred the guys from other towns at the dances. So this is not restricted to Chinese girls liking foreigners.

It must be embedded in the genes.

Is nature pushing for mutation, looking for a stronger breed to survive.

Intermarrying is known to weaken the race, see what happened to European royalty in the old days.


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