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What makes western guys so interesting for chinese girls?

Maybe i am wrong but it seems that many Chinese girls are looking for western guys.

What is the motivation behind? Do western guys have something special?



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given society's expectations and just the ingrained concept of relationships and all that, I don't think food is a good analogy to humans.

I think it's the same reason a large number of Austrian men search out and marry East Asian (particularly Phillipines) women, because they have something that their Austrian women don't, which in their case is not enough sense in traditional gender roles.


I guess some chinese girls are looking for something that they don't think chinese guys have, and what those things are could vary.

do you actually mean australian? 

what you wrote fits perfectly for them also

Not only with Chinese !
Why not both?
To show off!
u got the point
yes, because i had to LIVE it!

I'm sick of this topic....but it's a golde oldie I guess...


Here's things I've heard Chinese girls say:


Chinese guys aren't man enough, they're too soft.

Chinese guys are too controlling


Here's my thoughts though:


In a lot of cases their father has set a bad exmple by openly seeking prostitutes and cheating on their mum, driving them to look for something completely opposite to what they see in their father.


In other situations they're just looking to try something new, be a bit of a social rebel and say "yeah I did a white guy." ... just because it's still seen by some as a bit taboo.


As more people do it though, it becomes more acceptable...There's an ever growing number of younger more attractive white guys entering in as China opens itself up and makes itself more appealing.  More white guys = more chinese girls sleeping with white guys.


Then...there's the media and socially accepted ideas of beauty.  White faces are plastered over advertising campaigns... I'm often used here as a tool, a gimick, to say "look we got white people...see how international we are" ... or the whole "white business men have money...see this white guy, he buys our clothes...if you want to look rich, you should buy them too".


Finallllllly.. there's a mixture of those ideas - beauty mixed with our animal instinct... As animals we want the best for our children.  This is very superficial but is always present even if its just subconsciously.. Besides from having a father who can take care of their children, women are attracted to guys who not oly suit their tastes but also will pass on good DNA to their children.  Different women look for different things dependent on what they want from their children...intelligence, looks etc.


In China, it's considered good to have a "tall nose", big eyes, light skin... height is important now too..These are often features found in white guys... soooo for some, they're hoping to pass those genes down onto their child.



hey ur insight is impressive but the last one may not make full sense.

Well said Rob... u got it right
they got big willys.


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