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What is western mentality? or What is the mentality in your country?

Is any of below or all of them typical western mentality?
And what else?
or what is the mentality in your country?

1. carpe diem - enjoy the moment.

2. help the community, help myself.

3. freedom first, relationship/marriage next.
4. quality first, price next.

5. small flashy office is better than big crap office.

6. be persistent, and I will get there.

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Work Ur Ass off to get taxed up the BUTT HOLE with 6 months of good skiing and 6 months of So So skiing BUT most importantly......

Pass the Beer and the Douche on the Left Hand Side
we are fundamentally departmentally and instrumentally mental so welcome to the land of OZ

what you think
is what you say
what you say
is what you do
what you do
is what/who you are

so don't talk shit and get on with it
Mentality:Mind your own business.
Is there such a thing as a western mentality? (I think you mean mindset). Is there is such a thing as eastern mentality? Broad generalizations like these serve very little functional purpose.
its interesting how so many Chinese only think there are two cultures, Chinese and Western. Basically: Chinese and Non-Chinese, despite the fact that even within their own country, they can easily identify and stereotype different people from different areas/provinces, yet believe that people from South Africa, Canada, America, England, Australia...etc are all the same and can be categorized easily as "western"

Yes, I see that you wrote 'your country', so thank you, Nance, for understanding our individuality.
Yeah..Nance you almost try to finish some old job my teacher started . divid divid and never add add so you keep more student coming for new theory. Gz is widow and gate . so nance why not be the door keeper then you can just allow the person you think that has the right mental factors.this will be ok. i also know about one comment that stand for real and is fact''Who care about the cat color when only cat biz get is to catch rats''.lol and let live, not too impressed by anthing or anyone....millionaires mix with hobos as equals....easy as....

By the way, my mother, sister, aunt and cousin are all named Nancy. Is Nance a nickname for Nancy? Okay, my attitudes come from being born and raised in New York City, so they may not count. Carpe Diem, or "seize the day," really has to do with taking advantage of the things you have today because the future is not guaranteed. Americans would like to think they are not letting the present slip through their hands, but most are. Most are too busy with instant gratification, which is totally different from seizing the day, or taking advantage of opportunities in the present. Seize the day is not the same as waste the day. Many people in America, from the younger generations don't know the difference between opportunity and obligation. Some look at an obligation as an opportunity to take advantage of, and look at an opportunity as an unwelcome obligation. In the mean time they are too busy playing video games to know the difference between the two.


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