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what is the best way to expand circle of friends in a strange city?

what is the best way to expand circle of friends in a strange city?

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when i was in the north of china in beijing,i use to go to musik festival,rave party or go to watch moive and so on,

and since i work like a donkey in guangzhou,i found that that the most easy way to make friends its business choose some nice and interesting person from suppliers or customers.yes business people are smart.

In the cultures blender guangzhou city, just when the business partners call you, you can get the good feeling.

business its the only mirror through it you can see yourself. lol..

anyway i love but im still discovering her glamour.



Go to non-party events.

Spend a couple of nights a week at Nova. You will meet plenty of people there.

im so out....everybody is talking about nova(just like all the christians talk about the Christ! lol )including many of my friends....

NOVA must

You'll probably be disappointed. A night at Nova is the same as any other in GZ's clubs.

haha, i understand!

Nova.. yesterday for the first and last time there. Small and noisy with to many waitresses walking around.

Best way to meet people, just approach people. Somehow Chinese seem to be creeped out when a foreigner talks to them but I met quite a few interesting guys/girls on the way. Must say somehow it works better with other foreigners.

Take a lot of cash with you nd pay everyone drinks at any bar or club. It works for some people, while the money lasts.

I find it silly to post such a question on a forum...get out and mingle.


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