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What do you think about those women\girls who fight each other for a man or a guy they want?

What do you think about those women\girls who fight each other for a man or a guy they want?

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aha aha aha
I think they should hold a public auction, highest bidder wins.

i personally got involved in a fight over some guy that was married last year. the wife was really mad and started to push me away from him when i was askn him questions, she then started to stab my fingers and my leg with some kind of metallic bar and i saw my fingers skin was bleeding a bit, i burst out in rage after i saw a bit of blood comming out my finger... to put d story short i was out of control after seeing my own blood comming outta my fingers so i punched her face and nose and i broke her nose so it started to bleed alot like a water hose. her whole face got swollen like a balloon, lips got big like a gorilla. i took a taxi and left her ugly bleeding ass screaming for her life. her husband was trying to hold me and not let me go, i kicked his balls pushed him down and left the place.. after the fight that same night he called me asking me for forgiveness since he lied to me. his wife wanted to sue me to d cops but she couldnt cuz cops in china dont get involved in handling fights with bf/gf relationships. so after he took her to the hospital he came directly to me like a dog and stayed with me d whole time and never went back to her. he even gave her divorce papers to sign. unfortunately the ugly wife wont sign cuz she's too ugly and old and nobody wants her. but i ended d relationship cuz he's a liar and a mofo. he can go back to his ugly wife cuz i dont wanna liar...i could make a comedy movie with this story...

I would not like to be near you when you have your period.

lol, but that's his doing cuz he lied to you in the first place. He deserved this.

Is all start with a natural emotion:jealous.and seems female hardly control it.

BTW,I like <Lie to Me>.

Normally are the dogs that fight for the bitches, not the other way around.


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