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Does anybody have more vintage photos of Guangzhou and do not mind sharing it?

The ones above:

1) Bayun airport circa 1949

2)Haizhu bridge circa 1949

3) Oikwan Hotel 1949

4) Shamien Island (no date info available)

5) Aerial of GZ 1949

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sorry can't help with this. (wasn't born yet in 1949. :/)

but looking forward to more feedbacks from others..

Neither was I...

guangzhou in the last picture actually looked kind of like a european city? that church seemed to be the tallest building at that time. must have attracted a lot of lightning strikes???

hard to believe that 1st one is an actual airport... the local people must have thought that building on the left was so modern it was like something from the future :)

i wonder what those other 2 are, too small to be for planes.. no windows, maybe for storing parts or fuel?

Friendship store in Huanshi Lu circa 1970

GZ 1970

last picture, the now rare 麻石路 alley?

I had no identification of this exact place.

well it is not a specific place. 麻石 is a kind of granite, which was used in road paving in old guangzhou. but during the rapid urban development these years, many of these granite alleys were replaced by modern cement roads..

Riverside around 1970

i love this one - big rivers are so cool

The very rare gweilos in 1970, note the traditional characters still being used in Guangzhou

they should be called "foreign guests" or "international friends" instead of gweilo in that period.

not every foreigner could get permitted to visit china. i guess many of them were scholars and "foreign experts"


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