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Very Urgently ! Looking for a recording Studio and video operator ( not expensive )!Only Beijing and Shanghai.

Hello Everyone ! My friends please tell me the answer .

"I am looking for the following locations in Beijing (in priority ) and Shanghai «

1 .Recording studios (home and professional non expensive /cheapest ) .

Best list of these studios or group in social networks with prices . Urgently need to record vocals.

2.People( novice and professional inexpensive ) to shoot a fun little art video in Beijing or Shanghai . The work is very interesting.

Availability and ability to work with cameras Black magic /RED / Canon and etc.

3.Links to Amateur and professional film studios (clip-makers / home video makers ) as well as links to recording studios and their addresses.

4.Links to non expensive /cheapest semi-professional photographers.

5.Links to non inexpensive /cheapest photo Studio .

P/S All and everyone thanx for any aid and any useful information

email :

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add my WeChat: irinalyan1978 

I know one professional who makes videos in Beijing. 


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