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Hello everybody.

If two people are flying with a 23kg max allowance person, can they combine this into one suitcase of over 23kg?

I guess that 46kg would be extreme and doubt it would be that heavy but does anyone know if you can combine and go over and if so what would the max be?

I am searching this now but just wondered if anyone knows straight up.


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I said I was doing so. Just wanted to know if anyone knew already. It says that in my message.

As for my knowledge, ANA, Cathay, Singapore all don't allow combining weight so I can't speak for Air France

Cannot see any mention of it either. The link you sent was the same place I was already reading. The missus is checking with the travel agent. Maybe they have something.

Don't fancy lugging anything over 23kg anyway.


Nae worries

That is why serial killers always chop the bodies. You cannot combine in one large, no matter which airline you choose.

Sprung! How do I stop the smell of a rotting corpse?

Some people use Lyme, a good triple plastic cling wrap might do it as well.

Buy several rolls of plastic wrap and keep wrapping until you can smell the flowers.

I never let them get too old, chop, wrap and dispose soon. No smell.

just salt it, and smoke it dry...
just imagine, if 10 people in one group, and they were allowed to carry a huge block of something that weights 230 kg LOL

The answer is obviously no. 
There is also you know, airline staff that needs to be able to pick up your insanely heavy suitcase.

The Chinese will try to carry on anything bigger than a 23 Kg suitcase. Like an upright piano, a canoe, 2 cartons of lychee etc


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