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Time for all of Int'l couples to stand up and speak out!

How a spouse of different nationalities (thus, different culture,life style,background,upbringing,religion etc.) can improve the quality of your 'very short' one and only life on this planet? Please join the International Couples & Marriages after responding so we know how many of us out there. cheers!

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I've got an aussie girlfriend whose lived in every country i've lived in and experienced every culture I have too. To me, she's about as far from a stranger as you can get.
While there are demonstrated personal growth benefits to a 'nationally diverse' relationship, i can't imagine anything better than the love I have with her.
I think a group differentiating international couples further is a bit of an absurd proposal, but then again, I know nothing.
There seems nothing harmful by knowing others who got the similar faith as we do, we better off united than separated. Is your relationship working good to you so far? Int'l couples experience crisis and enjoy fun like no other couples, if you know what I'm saying. Gap to be bridged is ever wide, we grow together to be more tolerant and blend our ways of thinking in the process. Do you happen to know other group here can serve our interests better?
Indeed helene, at times tradit joke could harvest a misunderstanding. Surely int'l relationship is not for everybody, coz even normal couples find it hard to settle on differences. My advise is; never give differences a way in relationship. Behind those (overcoming differences), there'll be tons of rewards waiting. Peace belong to Int'l couples!


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