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Time for all of Int'l couples to stand up and speak out!

How a spouse of different nationalities (thus, different culture,life style,background,upbringing,religion etc.) can improve the quality of your 'very short' one and only life on this planet? Please join the International Couples & Marriages after responding so we know how many of us out there. cheers!

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hehe,speak out what?haha,for me,now i just wanna shout out: i am hungry,i need some delicious food! :-(
TAIRYO tonight
To me, I get to learn and improve my Japanese from the native for free plus living in China without visa restriction ;P At the most, Thank God I no longer need to 'bear' the Indonesian-way of living. Thus, I think the quality of my life have improved. And more is sure popping out in the future.
For me, I can't say it improves my quality of lifestyle, just the lifestyle become more different than I date the one from the same culture and race especially the type of food.

Guess the most benefit is that I get to learn more about his culture, vice versa.
Which nationals are yours made of Janice? I think the further the distance of differences between 2 cultures (i.e: west & east) the more colorful life is, the more complicated in adjusting but more interesting when it come to the next generation of offspring. It turned out for me the positive way, coz now I know how to enjoy Sashimi and the sushi making.
I am a Chinese and he is a Kiwi.
Cool! Food should be no prob if he enjoys Chinese kind, I don't reckon any specialties in kiwi's food, sorry. After all, we now live in a world (city) with limitless choices of food we can select from nearby restaurants. All needed is a willingness to try out. Any kid yet?
Nope. Not yet.
Care to join the group?
What's group you refer to?
International Couples & Marriages Group
Oh I see sure.


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