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Things I would love to see being sold in the streets of Guangzhou

And what else are we missing??

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I have seen those. And they looked absolutely DISGUSTING, nothing like how they should be.  Probably used the lowest of the low quality meat.

i never liked the looks of them - finally tried one in rome, it was wonderful! went back for more, another day :)

I wouldn't mind proper hot dog vendors. Not the shitty ones you get at 7-11.

oh jeez, YES! a nice almost burnt dog, chili sauce, mustard, catsup, cheese, onions, a good beer with it... heaven!

i dont know where this pic comes from, but he's making me hungrier than i already was!

grilled oysters, grilled eggplants, always with lots of chopped garlic, all sorts of grilled crap.. cotton candy, freshly squeezed sugar cane juice...

will come back with more later..

a lot of non-food fun stuff too, gotta dig up some old pictures later to recall more of them..

Errr ... Smee is asking what you would like to see being sold in GZ.  Not what already is being sold.

hmm what i would like to see and sure not yet being sold will be a panda in wood shoes?

jeez, and all this time i thought it was me that's never wrong :)

it's the mexican food i miss - tamales and tacos

Has one in taojin


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