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"Photos and videos of the incident—taken by witnesses in Shantou, Guangdong province—started appearing on the popular micro-blogging site Weibo on Saturday. The appalling images, which showed a dog chained to a car and its hind legs bleeding badly, quickly went viral and infuriated netizens.

Witnesses said that the dog had sustained injuries to all limbs but it was still alive. The driver, whose surname is Zheng, then threw the dog into the bushes."

Here are the details for the driver

粤DK0213 owner Zheng Weiyang, national ID number 445221197910142237, telephone number 89981860, mobile phone 18029551577 and 13417029136. Address: 广东省揭阳市揭东区蓝城月城镇双河村象头郑厝围一零九号

What punishment is suited to this kind of horrific cruelty?

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Standard Chinese bullshit. I took my dog for a walk late one night and this Indian guy started whining for me to get my dog away. I was like, "you scared bro?" and he's like, "NO OF COURSE NOT!" Then I told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn't like it, to go fuck off elsewhere. I tell the same to Chinese grandmas and parents and other idiots who think every dog in the world is aggressive and wants to bite them.

what punishment?

of course the dog should be taken to the most expensive and best veterinarian that can be found, at the driver's expense, and the dog's recovery time also needs to be paid for, either in a really nice kennel, or to whoever might want to take ownership of the dog and be responsible for its recovery

add in a nice substantial fine for disturbing the peace or whatever the most severe crime is that can apply under chinese law

post his picture with a description of what he did on the bulletin board where he works and at all public places in his neighborhoods, do everything possible to ruin his social life

find some local dog-lovers who also happen to be young, big, and have a record of beating the hell out of people, give them some whiskey and his address

all of the above, as a way to get started until somebody can think of something that's closer to what he really deserves

one of the things i can not bear is to see a dog suffering. seeing a human suffering feels much less painful than that. too many miserable dog stories in this country.

if someone gives me a gun, i'll blow the bastard's head off.

that would be too easy for him

start with the feet and work your way up

jimmica time for you to take your heroic action now!

save our world from saving our dogs!

i think wen shi di is a good guy, so i trust his motives, but this was crossposted - i suppose it's possible that this is some sort of photoshopped 'joke' set-up by some low-life idiot, we certainly know that some people have a pretty cruel sense of humor.. or it could be from somebody that just has a grudge against this person and is trying to set them up for trouble.. so i would be interested to find out who really lives at that address, and if they actually have a car like this

but if the story is true in all its details.. all i need is a ride and a baseball bat, the bat is just for the car, to start with.. i'd be disappointed if you could even get that close to his house, it should be surrounded by angry neighbors but probably isnt, i know :(

but no, that's just anger talking.. nobody can go around trying to correct bad actions that have already happened, you would never have time to eat or sleep.. but we absolutely can try to stop bad actions while theyre happening right in front of us, that's a different thing entirely.. how could one of the other drivers on that road not just pull ahead of him and stop, blocking his car.. how could someone who saw him go by not call the police to report it (although i know nothing about Shantou, maybe a call to the police would have been a waste of time?)

i'll just say that if i had been there at the time, the 2nd picture would show the car's windshield smashed up and that chain wrapped around his ankle

Im sure what he's done has broken some law, and the evidence seems pretty clear, so let the police deal with it.

For all we know you just posted the address of someone you don't like. Just to be clear wen shi di are you encouraging people to congregate and commit acts of violence?

1) wen shi di just crossposted without any encouragement, only a question - it's not clear who came up with the driver's address, etc, if those facts are even real.. but posting something just to cause trouble for someone he doesnt like doesnt fit with the person you see in wen shi di's history of posts and comments - he's not a rabble-rouser at all, that would more often be me :)

2) i'm not as sure as you seem to be that he's broken some law, and i'm definitely not as confident as you seem to be that the police will do anything about it.. lots of crimes against humans often dont get much police urgency, how much less against an animal?

3) congregation of people does not necessarily lead to violence - in large part, it's probably going to have some relationship to what kind of reputation this guy has with his neighbors and the people that know him

4) if the whole thing is what it appears to be, any punishment by the law would be too impersonal - imagine this guy sitting bored in a courtroom as the process happens.. is a fine and maybe some jail time an adequate punishment? its really all the law can do, since caning doesnt happen here - but some acts, regardless of what the law says about them (if anything), absolutely deserve something a little more painful and violent

5) just to be clear and with less concern for political correctness, if seeing an animal treated this way doesnt outrage someone, that person is emotionally and spiritually crippled in such a serious way as to make their qualification as a true and healthy human questionable

1) Im not sure what the title "The punishment fits the crime" is trying to say. Thats not a question, although he adds a question at the end. 

2) I hope there is a law against doing that. Maybe someone knows about animal cruelty laws. If theres no law against breaking a dogs legs like that, then that is more shocking. The driver was secure in his car so it obviously wasn't self defence.

3) I was just asking

4) I dont agree. But definitely strengthen animal cruelty laws 

5) Yes it is outrageous

"SOME LAW"?! which law? being such an expert on china khalid please enlighten me..

if you are raped in china, you being a male, the rape will not be considered as a crime by law. needless to say an animal being abused by a human.

posting his personally details maybe is one of the best ways to stop such crimes. not everything in this world can be solved by law, that's why we need robin hood and zorro.

As I said "Maybe someone knows about animal cruelty laws". Thats not me acting like an expert.

Does anyone know what laws exist about animal cruelty here?

yes, same gender rape is not illegal in china. It's seen as intentional injury and the rapist escapes with light sentences.
As much as I know there is no laws iprotecting animals in china that's why NGOs are so active there.


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