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By this I mean air-conditioned and secure. You know the concept, as available in Singapore, Chicago and elsewhere. You pay a deposit, get a key and have reasonable hours access to your stuff (household, business papers etc)

I show up in China once or twice a year but have some very bulky temperature-sensitive equipment.

I am not big on this digitization of China (and the world) : Wechat, credit cards etc. I pay cash.

I have a foreign passport (Canada). I do not understand or speak Chinese. But I do have a smart phone with Google Translate!

For business Guangzhou would be ideal bit as I prefer small towns on the train line to Hong Kong (and I presume they would be much cheaper), Xang-Mou-Tou would be ideal.

What do expats and foreign business people on a budget use for storage?

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Hi, I’m Guns. Could you please give more specific information, you prefer one business storage room for your equipments or one apartment for temporary living when you visit China. Mail me if you don’t use Wechat at to see if I could help.


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