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What did the guy expect, dropping a fire cracker down a manhole... video link here. Methane build up emanating from 'man holes'... there's a joke there somewhere.

He's in hospital with serious burns but the kids were lucky and escaped unscathed.

Right I'm off to buy some firecrackers...

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This will happen to the guys who slept through their science classes!!

I remember back in school a Chemistry teacher of ours made poisonous gas by mistake one day and the whole school had to be evacuated.

The following week, the same teacher was busy working away at his desk looking like a mad scientist when suddenly he broke down crying and told us "I hate you kids and tried to replicate the poisonous gas and kill you all".

Evacuation part 2. You wouldn't want to have slept through that class.

Was the teacher partial to the odd balaclava appreciation day? Oh Ireland......Our teachers wudda just beat us to death with a giant haggis.....straight to the point. The inventive killer would train a large number of sheep to stampede towards a student upon sight, all but lost in a cloud of jumpers, never to be seen again. I'll tell you what is scary, a group of cows charging at you, NEVER go near a cow when it's carrying/had a calf...big ass angry mofos on a hormone roller coaster. Like a woman...but worse! (Believe it or not ;))

I had a chemistry teacher that used to draw pentagrams and other demonic stuff in the margins of her textbooks and notebooks. We also often had metal music blasting from her stereo during class.  

Chemistry was fun haha.


U totally know she wanted to be a witch when she grew up....



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