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Dear All,

I need small help.

I got Working Permit from 8th Aug 2017 to 7th Aug 2018 (One Year).

But Resident Permit I got is only for three months from 8th Aug 2017 to 7th Nov 2017.

Can I reapply my Resident Permit on 20th Aug before expiry of current Resident Permit for one year?

Please help me.


Anant Shankar 

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This sounds very odd.

Firstly, your last resident permit (that expires on 20th August will have been cancelled/replaced by the new resident permit.

Secondly, when you picked up your passport recently with the new 3 month resident permit why didn't you ask the officer why it was only issued for 3 months? Normally the length of resident permit matches the work permit.

You need to ask the entry-exit office why you only got a3 month resident permit. You'll need to apply for a new one before 7th November this year.

It is normal that they gave you 3 months resident permit at the first time. Then you can reapply for one year before 7th Nov for one year. Usually you will have no problem to get 1 year for the second application.

Yes,you can renew your resident permit before expiry.As the policy is changing now,but you can also do the renewal,don't be worry about this.Any needs about this you can add my wechat"hyhy2288",I will tell you with more details.Thank you!

Dear Bella,

Thanks. You are right. As this is my first Resident Permit so may be China Entry and Exit give me only for three months.

My three months Resident Permit will expire on 7th Nov.

My question is that can I apply my Resident Permit again on say 20th Aug 2017 for 1 year or should I wait and apply later.

I am planning to travel so I really need 1 year Resident Permit.

Please check and reply. Will appreciate your help.


Anant Shankar

you got that 3 months visa in can extand more 9 months visa before this one expired,and then you can extend year by year.

maybe you can contact to me so that i can get more understandings of your situation.

i will try my best to help you.


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