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Hello everyone,

I want to learn Chinese in Guangzhou during my 2 months stay  and therefore wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a good language school ? I prefer to learn mandarin in a class with other students.

 I am also open for language exchanges, offering  English and German.

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King Mandarin School is a better choice! They are in Zhujiang New Town & Taojin, only 2 minutes walking from the exit of subway! Their teachers are quite nice!
Here’s the WeChat: 2786561386
You can contact them! Good luck!

I will check it out ! Thanks for your fast response.

Hi Hans,

If you want a more immersive experience, I am running traditional gongfu tea appreciation sessions for beginners and experts alike.  English and Mandarin service available.

Let me know if you're interested.

Hi my friend has language teaching stuido that offers madarian teaching in zhujiang new town. Feel free to add wechat:Realtorbella for more details.

i looking for language exchange too


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