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One Week in Guangzhou - What to do for fun at night?

Hey Guangzhou Stuffers! I am a veteran Shanghai Stuffer. Will spend a week in Guangzhou from April 22nd to April 27th for Canton Fair.

Would like to have some fun at night, you know, the usual stuff, dancing and clubbing. Advice needed. Please point me to the most debauched clubs in town. Where do you go every day of the week? Sunday through to Thursday. Debauched is a bit exaggerating, but the best clubs?

Good advices are always appreciated.


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Looks like Zapatas is open for business in Guangzhou! Has anyone been there? The one in Shanghai is a classic. It has a bad rap but it's always packed. Sounds like Duo is also a happening place?

Zapata's GZ opens May 5:

Why does it have a bad rap in Shanghai?

Yes, I can see that. But before that grand opening, I am sure they have soft opening?

Will they be open next week?

The one in Shanghai has been around for more than a decade. Many prostitutes around the corner.

No. I don't think they are open before May 5. Hope the folks @ Zapata's don't mind. Your comment reminded of this :)


 For dancing, many people go to clubs along the river, Heihei, babyface, etc.

Nova in Zhu jiang new town is OK. People have differnt taste. You may try out yourself.

 To watch shows, Cave next to Garden Hotel is the place.

 In Garden hotel花园酒店 area, there are lots of good restaurants and interesting bars.

A group of us were bar hopping in Shanghai last weekend and on one night we were on a bar crawl around the Former French Concession area when someone suggested checking out Zapata's.

Not a soul in there at 10pm, so "we walked out backwards slowly" and every other place was hopping. Is it a late night place or something?

crazy . i think we were there at the same time...

Really? You were in Zapata's at about 9:58pm walking backwards out the door too?
That's Nuts!

Did you happen to check out The Red Lion, Manhattan, M2, Happy Valley, The Old Tavern, The Camel 2, The Camel 2 (again), Hooters, Woueters, Dakota, The Monkey Bar, Eden, 7 different bars with no names on the same street, The Camel 2, The Blarney Stone, The Camel 1, O'Malleys, The Apt, The Other One, Dakota, The Monkey Bar, Eden, Manhattan and the 7-11 too, while you were there?

actually....after landing at the airport...I don't really remember much. Just a really shitty flight.


hilarious! :)))


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