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Looking for Business Partnership - Healthy Fitness Meals / Juices

Hello, My Name is Stephanie, an expat living in Guangzhou for 5 years this year. I'm always passionate about fitness, high protein food, and anything to do with living the healthy lifestyle. This year I have decided to open my own company, and I did. I have registered a company in Guangzhou, that is of course helps my VISA and maybe I could help yours as well, if you are interested in doing a long term business in Guangzhou. I started this new food business "High Protein Popcorn" named Jacked & Pop, on November. I have registered my company official account as well on Wechat, which will give easier access for customer's to look through your company profile and purchase any of the products. add my wechat : stephitsme, I will share my company profile, as because I have no idea how to share QR code at this message box. 

So, my point writing this message, is to look for a business partners, who is running your own fitness meals food, or drinks or anything that boost health, vegan or home made food, please let me know, I could put them up on my wechat platforms, so the health community will expand and grow, we could meet up in person first to discuss our business agreement. Leave me a message, but it's better to add my wechat because that is where I get the fastest notification or my email : . Thank You 

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Try LinkedIn.


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