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Hi all,

I am looking for help to find a great lawyer who is familiar in Chinese law and USA law.

The case is as following:

i was employed on 2 contracts by in Guangzhou, China at their Headoffice, however unlawfully the company broke my 2nd contract in 2013 and i used Guangda Law Firm for compensation. I received my salary compensation but not my stocks money as yet and in the last years suffering as this was my money to buy a house and pay for a future wedding and to share with family. Vipshop deactivated my stocks money which they unlawfully broke my new contract and still want to persue in Claiming my stocks money which was unrightfully taken away by them.

I understood from Guangda Law Firm since the stocks are by Vipshop holding will be difficult to fight in China but want find another method maybe through the USA if possible or other drastic but lawful measure to get my stocks money back.

They owed me 3,008,963Rmb (425457.92USD) but only got 95.245.52Rmb (13468.63USD) as salary compensation but not my stock money

Please let me know if you can help and how we could potentially do this as i'm willing to offer a very high lump sum 20% as compensation (winning the case)

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Anyone knows a good lawyer in Guangzhou who has the rights to tackle them in New York please let me know.

If you can help me win this back, im willing to offer you a lump sum of money for the work you did

Article i found about Vipshop:

Vipshop Holdings Limited VIPS 401(k) / ERISA Lawsuit
Vipshop Holdings Limited has been accused of securities fraud. If you are a current or former employee or are a member of any of Vipshop Holdings Limited investment plans or profit sharing retirement plans you may be included in this possible Vipshop Holdings Limited 401(k) or Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) class action. If you purchased or held Vipshop Holdings Limited stock in one of those plans during the periods Feb-17-15 to May-11-15, you may have a claim.

Under ERISA, Vipshop Holdings Limited employees can file a lawsuit against the company for putting stock options at risk. Vipshop Holdings Limited employees have a claim if they can prove their employer violated its fiduciary duty to its employees. Fiduciary duty refers to a company's responsibility to the people who invest in it. If an employer puts the company's interest ahead of the investors', it has broken its fiduciary duty. A fiduciary is a person that exercises discretion over the management of plan assets or exercises discretionary control over the administration of the plan.

ERISA is a federal law that sets minimum standards for pension and health plans set up by private businesses. ERISA was designed to protect people who participate in employee benefit plans, including employees with stock options in a company. Stock options are a form of compensation in which employees are given the opportunity to purchase shares of the company stock at a certain price.

Of course on a Z visa and employment certificate all these years in China and still in China, have not left the country.

i got my compensation for contract breaking by Vipshop through the local lawyer but the stocks are done in NYC by Vipshop holdings (American Registered in NYC) and must be tackled from there, not from here and a local Chinese lawyer who has no office in the USA or rights to sue companies in the USA. seems they had 2 previous claims regarding stocks in NYC by top law firms and had to pay up

My professor who is into international laws might help you I am not sure tho if u can give me ur contact maybe I can reach out to him for u


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