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Is this good idea to open Classic Pizza Restaurant in Guangzhou ?

Haye, Me & My wife are willing to open a Authentic Classic Pizza Restaurant in Guangzhou ( Tiyuxilu or other central city ),  What you guys think about the Pizza Restaurant is good idea for Chinese people ? We'll offer a large range of pizzas, snack and more ! 

Please let me know what you guys think ?

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Absolutely a good idea

Depends on one thing... Have you been travelling in europe, and tried different pizzas? have you ever made one? do you have any experience running a restaurant?If you can answer yes to that, then yes.

If you on the other hand, just got the idea, and think it sounds amazing...without any kind of experience, thinkin that pizzahut serves authentic pizza...then its a very very bad idea.

i tried the Americian Pizza, it does not tasty as my taste so different from Chinese Ones, kind of Salty, with fish on it.

We are heading to Italy, to get authentic taste skills :D !

Well...I have to say, there are many pizza restaurants in GZ, maybe you should make something different or special for your restaurant, decoration, price, and crative idea. Hope your business good lol

Well,  how classic? 

I have tried the pizzas in the states and the pizzas in Guangzhou. I prefer that in the states simply because it tastes more delicious. I am not sure if the pizzas available in Guangzhou are authentic, except pizzahut,  many other houses are not attractive even to me a pizza lover.  


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